Twelve Flicks | Twelve One-Line Reviews

  Just a few lines (in random order) to help you catch up on my movie watching. :)
  • The Ides of March | Disappointing fictionalized depiction of Howard Dean's 2004 presidential run. | ★★★★
  • Hugo | Wonderful and magical story of a young boy grieving the loss of his dad. |  ★★★★★★★★
  • Hanna | Edgy spy flick involving a teenage girl coming to terms with her dark history. |  ★★★★★
  • One Day | Improbable but fairly enjoyable Ann Hathaway romantic comedy. |  ★★★★★★
  • Midnight in Paris | Great and whimsical Woody Allen flick that might get you dreaming a bit |  ★★★★★★★★
  • Win Win | Surprising and endearing story of a lost boy and the family who rescued him. |  ★★★★★★★★
  • In Time | Good SciFi story about a world where  the currency is your remaining minutes and hours. | ★★★★★★
  • Contagion | Wasn't sure I would like it but I did enjoy the suspense and intrigue that unfolded. | ★★★★★
  • Cowboys and Aliens | Indiana Jones, James Bond and the Old West fight aliens. Marvelous! | ★★★★★★
  • Real Steel | Pleasantly surprised. Reminded me of Rocky a bit. Not that good but pretty enjoyable. | ★★★★★★★
  • My Week with Marilyn | Looked forward to this one but felt that it fell short of expectations. | ★★★★★★★
  • Drive | Strange and intense Ryan Gosling vehicle. The word that best describes it is "weird". | ★★★
  As you can see, my movie watching these past few months is a bit of a mixed bag. No really great flicks in the mix.


  1. Thanks for the movie ideas. I've been in my post child birth movie slump for the most of the last 6 months. No reason for it really. I watch a bunch of movies, and then I go a long time without it.


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