The Essence of an Apology

A Facebook friend recommended this link dealing with the different ways that people apologize as listed in the book pictured below. Here is the list in brief:
“Expressing Regret” is the Apology Language that zeroes in on emotional hurt. It is an admission of guilt and shame for causing pain to another person.

Accept Responsibility: It is very difficult for some people to admit that they’re wrong. It makes them doubt their self-worth, and no one likes to be portrayed as a failure. However, as adults, we must all admit that we are sinners and that we will make mistakes.

Make Restitution: In our society, many people believe that wrong acts demand justice. The one who commits the crime should pay for their wrongdoing.

Genuinely Repent: For some individuals, repentance is the convincing factor in an apology. Some mates will doubt the sincerity of an apology if it is not accompanied by their partner’s desire to modify their behavior to avoid 
the situation in the future.

Request Forgiveness: In some relationships, a mate wants to hear their partner physically ask for forgiveness. They want assurance that their mate recognizes the need for forgiveness.
I liked this list.. you can check out more of it here. I can see myself in several of those apology explanations.. I tend to be a show-me-you-really-mean-it kind of guy.. although I am a soft-touch for an emotional apology. How about you? Do you resonate with any of these?


  1. I have not handled our loss very well.I take full blame for any unhappyiness I have caused,and I ask all of u to forgive me

  2. Not sure who you are Dad but forgiveness is granted.. in a generic sense anyway.


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