The Absurdity of Dreams

I woke up this morning remembering the dream I dreamed during the night - LOL, I dreamed that I was running against Sam Brownback to be the next governor of Kansas.. not sure that it was in the GOP primary or if I was running as an Independent. Either way it was truly an absurd dream.. at least it seemed that way to me.

Do you dream much? Do you usually remember your dreams the next morning? I usually don't.. either that or I just don't dream all that much. When I was a pastor people would occasionally speak to me about reoccurring dreams and ask for my opinion on them.. sometimes there seemed to be a message hidden in the dream.. other times the dream just seemed a bit absurd.

The bible is full of dream stories. I think about the story in Genesis where Egypt's Pharaoh had a frightening recurring dream that no one could interpret but Joseph - that dream turned out to be prophetic of the coming years.. interesting how Joesph advised Pharaoh in such a way that led to Pharaoh becoming more powerful at the poor Egyptian's expense.. but I digress.

In the New Testament Jesus' adopted father Joseph dreamed two dreams.. first he was told by God that Mary's baby was divine.. second he was instructed to flee to Egypt to protect the baby Jesus from being slaughtered by King Herod's soldiers. Amazing how God sometimes uses the absurdity of a dream to reach out to us.

All that said I do not believe that God was communicating with me early this morning and calling me to enter the governor's race.. unless you all start sending me some big checks pretty soon.. email me and I will give you my mailing address 

How about you? Are you a dreamer? Any stories to tell about the absurdity of your dreams?


  1. I once had an "absurd" dream in which I was pursued by evil people who believed that I had some sort of "super power." I ended up travelling back in time to meet this great man under whom I had supposedly studied and was in a warehouse when a bird flew into my chest - and I mean INto my chest - and stayed there. My interpretation? I have the Holy Spirit living in me giving me power I seem to be all but unaware of. The man I had studied under was Jesus. That being said, I'm not including a check for a run for the governor's office. It might have been just a "working" dream, or maybe maybe you feel drawn to do something a little more political. ??

  2. One way to keep politicians to one term would be to get more good people to challenge them. I say go for it, Bob!

  3. my dreams usually don't make sense... the kind like you're inside a house then you walk out the door and find yourself standing on a ship.. those kinds. But I don't usually have dreams. I think I have it the other way around... When I'm not worrying over something, I usually have dreams. But when I'm stressed out, i seem to have no dreams at all


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