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This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. 
A few IMDb review titles (that I saw too late) with my commentary:

  + 2020. The Movie. || definitely sums up the year of covid
  + Insult to General Intelligence || illogical in a bizarre sort of way
  + Nothing Happens. Ever. || seems to drone on forever
  + Appalling Waste of Time || even for a retired person
  + Clooney Cures Insomnia || nothing there to keep you awake
  + A Flaming Pile of Pointless Drivel || just rambled on and on
  + Robinson Clooney || Young Crusoe had more sense that Augustine 
  + I like him in ER. That is all. || have never seen ER but I agree
  + I love Clooney...But this...Why? || Why could be the plotline

I really disliked the movie and, on a scale of ten, give it zero stars.
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  1. Dear Bob,
    I poured my heart, my souls and my life for years into Maliki good this movie, the magnum opus of my career. I expected this epic accomplishment to have a few harsh reviews, but I found solace in the confidence that KCBob would appreciate my tireless efforts.
    After reading your review, I am crushed. There’s nothing left to live for. If I take my life, my blood is on your hands. —
    Warmly, George Clooney

    1. Get over yourself George. You're not all that. Even so, give me a call and we can chat. Who knows? I might make it a one star rating if you take me to an all you can eat buffet. After the pandemic of course.

      Lukewarmly, kcbob


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