17 for '17

A few one liner targets for the new year.
Church: Embrace a new understanding of what it means to me.

Exercise: Stretch and Move every day.

Facebook: Comment less.

Faith: Find new ways to engage it.

Family: Stop worrying out about them.

Food: Enjoy what I eat. Continue to use small plates..

Friends: Be open to new friendships.

News: Try to disengage from the nightly news shows - local and national.

Politics: Continue to engage folks who think differently.

Prayer: Ask less for things and more to accept things.

Spiritual: Control less. Trust more.

Theology: See politics target.

Vacations: Take a few road trips.

Writing: Care less about how much I post on my blogs.
That is just 14. Room for you to suggest a few target areas for me. ツ


  1. Wishing all of that and a Happy New Year! I stopped watching the news year's ago. My own little world is enough for me to handle......God Bless You

    1. Happy new year Debbie. I do think that a little bit of ignorance is not bad. I do not need to know all the news in the world.

  2. Spiritual life: Start thinking about God's mission more than my own.
    Happy 2017!

    1. Happy 2017 David. I am thinking that God's mission for us is the same as for the baby Jesus. To bring a bit of heaven to earth. ​ツ

  3. Dining with Friends: To have more lunches with KCBob...

    1. I share that target with you Rob! Look forward to being with you brother.


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