Keeping X in Xmas

Yes, the title of this post is a bit provocative - are you confused by it? As Erin Wathan, Senior Pastor of Foothills Christian Church in Phoenix, AZ, points out in her post titled "Top 10 Reasons Christians Should Stop Whining About Secular Xmas": “Xmas” is not a dirty word. In fact, “X” is the Greek letter, Chi–which, in the olden days, was often used as a literary symbol for Christ. Here are a few other thoughts from Erin:
  • Do you really want the public school system to be responsible for your child’s faith formation? No? i didn’t think so. ... Let’s just say, while i think many public school teachers model wonderful values and moral behavior, and many are model Christians, I’d much rather my kids learn to read and do math at school, and get their language of faith from my family and the church of my choosing.
  • We might often feel that the secularization of our favorite holiday has deprived it of all meaning. But on the contrary, Christmas is the time when many who would qualify themselves as ‘non-believers,’ feel a stirring of the spirit that leads them seeking. If we are truly disciples of Jesus, we should celebrate any element of the season that urges people toward the holy. It may start with the mall or the Hallmark channel, but it often lands them in church.
  • Speaking of shopping–if you are bothered by all the secular expressions posted around malls and big box stores this season, might i gently suggest that you spend less of your Christmas season at the freakin mall? If you don’t like the signage, spend more time serving the poor, going to worship, getting out in nature, and spending time with the people you love.
I suggest that you catch the rest of Erin's thoughts here. I resonate with this insightful conclusion that she comes to: "When you get right down to it, the best way to “keep Christ in Christmas” is to model Christlike behavior."

- originally posted December, 11, 2012


  1. I liked her number 8, too about not being so worried about what everyone else is doing.

    1. So true Ma. Let others do their thing and we can do ours.

  2. Very interesting, I like the explanation of the X. I never really liked using the term X-mas but now it has a new meaning to me!

  3. Hey, Bob. I was just thinking of posting something along these lines, but you have done a much better job than I could do. I think I shall send readers over here.


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