Halloween in KC

Halloween 2016: Little did I know, when I shared this 4 years ago: the Royals would go to play in two World Series and win one; the Chiefs would see a resurgence with a new head coach (thanks Andy) and go to the playoffs. Reminds me to be a bit more hopeful about the future. Never know what tomorrow may bring. ツ

Halloween 2012: This cartoon reminds me that it is great to be able to laugh - especially when it comes to professional sports in Kansas City. When life gets hard and nothing seems to be working folks in KC will always have the Chiefs and the Royals to make them smile. Guess you have to either laugh or cry.


  1. That's the way it was for so many years here in the Tampa Bay area. The Bucs were horrible for so many years, as were the Rays. The Bucs are not doing particularly well this year, and the Rays fell short of the playoffs. The Rays are a fun, young team to watch, and they have DJ Kitty.

    Someone put a cartoon on FB where a little boy asks his dad, "Dad, what are playoffs?" to which the father replied, "I don't know, son, we're Cubs fans."

    1. Thanks for sharing that Beverly! I think that this may be the first year that it is not really fun to watch the Chiefs play.


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