The 'What About Bob' Meme

It has been a while since I have done one of these. Found this one on Facebook.

    ✓ Been Married
        Been Divorced
    ✓ Fallen in love
        Gone on a blind date
        Skipped school
    ✓ Been to Canada
        Ridden in an ambulance
        Been to Hawaii
        Been to Europe
        Been to Las Vegas
    ✓ Been to Washington D.C
    ✓ Been to Nashville
    ✓ Visited Florida
    ✓ Visited Mexico
        Seen the Grand Canyon in person
        Flown in a helicopter
    ✓ Been on a cruise
    ✓ Served on a jury
        Danced in the rain
    ✓ Been to Los Angeles
    ✓ Been to New York City
        Played in a band
        Sang karaoke
    ✓ Laughed so much you cried
        Laughed so hard you peed
    ✓ Caught a snowflake on your tongue
    ✓ Had children
    ✓ ad a pet
    ✓ Been sledding on big hill
        Been downhill skiing
        Been water skiing
    ✓ Rode on a motorcycle
        Been on the Radio
        Traveled to all 50 states
        Jumped out of a plane
    ✓ Been to a drive-in
    ✓ Rode a Horse
    ✓ Been on TV
    ✓ Been in the newspaper
    ✓ Stayed in the Hospital
    ✓ Donated blood
        Gotten a piercing
        Gotten a tattoo
        Been scuba diving
    ✓ Got a speeding ticket
        Broken a bone
    ✓ Gotten stitches
    ✓ Traveled Alone

Make this meme your own. And let me know where to find your check marks. ツ

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