With Devotion

My blogging began in 2004 when I published my first post at An Eye for Redemption. It began as a place where I would share all sorts of things. Faith. Bible. Movies. All sorts of things. A year or so in my focus began to shift and I created the Kansas Bob blog which became KC Bob. My first blog continued to focus on biblical topics and the new one became a place where I shared everything else. In January 2011 I began posting devotional thoughts at An Eye for Redemption. Since that time I have posted over 1,000 devotions.

Yesterday I said goodbye to An Eye for Redemption and hello to With Devotion as I renamed my twelve year old blog. The blog template is new but my focus will be the same. I am currently reading through 1 Peter and sharing thoughts about it.
I invite you to follow along with me and perhaps add me to your blog reader.


  1. Like your "new" blog.
    Even though I don't always comment I will continue to read and enjoy it.


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