What Candidates need to do to ICE IT.

Inspiration: JFK and Reagan are two of the most notable examples of presidents that were able to inspire America. This seems to me to be the first step in securing a nomination. Great candidates inspire voters more than attack their competition.

Character: Honesty and trustworthiness are cornerstones of great leaders. A candidate with integrity and vulnerability is attractive to many people - even those having such a cynical approach to government. Often though, voters are not able to truly discern character.

Experience: I have found that leadership is something that is forged and refined in life. Folks like me are good leaders when we lead a few but falter when we lead many. So it is important to examine the leadership experiences of candidates to determine their ability to lead at the highest levels.

Ideology: Sadly some voters never get past this qualification. If a person matches their own positions on the issues they sometimes do not seriously consider other qualifications. Not saying that political ideology is not important. It should be weighed in with other criteria but not be the lone determination.

Temperament: Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton had great interpersonal skills. Each was able to work with congressional leaders from the other parties. Great leaders are people who have the ability to transcend ideology and work across the aisle. I have found people like this to be a bit rare in politics.


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    1. See varying levels of these qualities in the current candidates vanilla. Perhaps time will bring out the best or worst in them?


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