Five Bob Facts

My bloggin' friend Gregg tagged me in a meme a while back. I thank him for recognizing me as a creative blogger.
The first part of the meme is to share five facts about myself. A few thoughts:
  1. I have been blogging for 10+ years.
  2. I greatly enjoy spending time reading and discussing books with our Wednesday night BYOB group.
  3. Nothing beats playing games like UNO, Risk and Concentration with my two grandchildren.
  4. I routinely share devotional thoughts from the bible on the
    An Eye for Redemption blog and prayers at Daily Prayer.
  5. My greatest source of inspiration is my wife Ann. Each day she shows me what grace and courage looks like under fire.

The second part of the meme is to nominate other creative bloggers. Here are my nominations:
  • Pearlie at Pearlie Gates. A long time friend, thoughtful blogger and devoted follower of Christ.
  • Wanda at Got a Minute or Two?  A fellow Daily Prayer blogger and wonderful Christian friend.
  • Mike at Mike Erich - The Mad Theologian. Another Daily Prayer blogger and very thoughtful man of faith.
  • Debby at Just Breath. Love reading her Wednesday Hodgepodge and movie review posts.
  • Fred at One the Journey. Another Daily Prayer blogger. His faith journey resonates with my own.
  • Sue at photowannabe. I have been enjoying her pics for years and appreciate Sue's photographic skills.
  • vanilla at String Too Short to Tie. A new friend with fun and interesting insights.
  • Alice at Whatsoever is Lovely. An honest blogger who communicates such reality about her life's journey.

I could nominate more. Over the years my life has been touched and enriched by so many bloggers.

I invite the folks nominated above to follow suit posting five fun facts about themselves and then nominate others to do the same. Please let me know when you do as I am sometimes a bit slow in my blog reading. ツ


  1. Thanks for the nomination Bob.
    We sure go back a long time too.
    Love your facts and your posts.
    My facts:
    1. Married at 20 and it's still going strong after 51 1/2 years.
    2. Blogging for 10 years. Always a challenge, sometimes a chore, but I still enjoy the people I meet and the chance to share my photos.
    3. Belong to a very large church that cares deeply about kids and their future, the local community and Global ministries. Their generosity to all of these things is amazing.
    4. Have been to many countries, Haiti, Nicaragua, Uzbekistan, Kenya, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Puerto Rico,Mexico, Israel, and Canada. What a fascinating world we live in.
    5. Hubby and I were on the Disneyland Creative Advisory Board for several years.

    1. That is a nice list of countries Sue. I think that you make the world a bit more fascinating.

    2. Thank you for those kind words, Bob.

  2. Thank you Bob for choosing me.
    Fun meme!
    Nice learning new fact about you.
    I will try to do this when I get home from vacation.

  3. "Getting to know you." Thanks for including me. I shall have to project meme into the future, but I will let you know when the time comes.

  4. Thanks for your kind words :) and the Bob facts. It's quite revealing how we primarily see ourselves with what we share. I just did mine.

  5. 10+ years of blogging, wow!

    Thanks for the tag, Bob, this will be fun.


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