Coffee Day Q&A

Today is National Coffee Day supposedly sponsored by Juan Valdez.
To honor the Day I offer you a few caffeine flavored questions and answers.
  1. Favorite Brand? Starbucks by the bag but San Francisco Bay k-cups from Costco.
  2. Favorite Blend?  Verona by the bag but I like French Roasted k-cups.
  3. Cups per day? I usually have one k-cupped coffee in the morning and occasionally a decaf latte in the afternoon.
  4. Cream or Sugar? I do like sugar but can live without it - not!
  5. Favorite Specialty Coffee? Foamy decaf latte in the afternoon.
  6. Favorite Cafe? I like Starbucks but enjoy the Opera House down the street from my place.
  7. Alone or with Company? I enjoy sharing a cup of coffee with the fabulous Ann!
I did this 3 years ago (here) and my answers have changed a bit since Keurig came on the scene.

Please chime in, answer a few of the questions and share a bit about your caffeine addiction.


  1. I haven't been drinking much coffee lately. I love it, but can't stand tasting it for hours afterward.

    1, Favorite Brand? Gevalia. Yes, I'm that classy. ;)

    2. Favorite Blend: German Chocolate Cake

    3. Cups per day? One, when I drink it.

    4. Cream or Sugar? Cream and sweetener. No sugar. Sometimes black.

    5. Favorite Specialty Coffee? Traditional cappuccino. I was at a Starbucks once where I ordered one, The barista asked me if I knew that it wasn't sweet like the ones in the gas stations. Yes, yes I do.

    6. Favorite Cafe? Home sweet home.

    7. Alone or with Company? Usually with Robyn. She drinks more coffee than I do.

    1. I like Gevalia Mike. It used to be only available via mail. These days it is actually one of the less expensive blends on the counter these days.

  2. 1. Folgers
    2. Breakfast Blend
    3. 4 or 5 (I use a large Starbucks cup)
    4. Sugar, no cream
    5. Right now...Pumpkin Spice
    6. Starbucks
    7. Company

    1. Does Folgers have a Breakfast Blend Eddie? Are there Starbucks in Kuwait?

  3. 1, Favorite brand? Midwest Coffee Roasting Company, but Folgers; to feed the habit.

    2. Favorite Blend? MWCRC Mocha Java; Folgers Classic.

    3. Cups per day? 10 to 14, depending on the day.

    4. Cream or Sugar? Absolutely NOT!

    5. Favorite Specialty Coffee? See #4 above.

    6. Favorite Café? MWCRC Spencer House, Marion, Indiana

    7.Alone or with Company? Company

    1. Interesting that Folgers has blends vanilla. Used to be that Folgers needed no supplemental description. And if I get by Indiana, I will have to try MWCRC.

    2. The marketplace, I guess. Folgers has lots of offerings, including Breakfast Blend, Country Roast, Classic, Black Silk, 100% Colombian, others. I don;t care for Country Roast, though it will be the cheapest on the shelf.

    3. vanilla, I have had the k-cup version of Black Silk and liked it okay. If memory serves me correct the Folgers k-cups are about 20 cents a k-cup more than the brand that I currently buy at Costco.

  4. I'm not much of a coffee drinker but do enjoy a cup of coffee after a meal in a fine restaurant.

    1. Our favorite Austrian restaurant in KC serves Meinl coffee and it is wonderful Debby.

  5. I'm more a tea person than coffee and even though I used to drink coffee, I've just decided to give it up. But I'll play.

    1, Favorite Brand? Nothing fancy. Not many brands here, so I'll pick San Francisco coffee.

    2. Favorite Blend: I don't know. I just have coffee

    3. Cups per day? Now, none.

    4. Cream or Sugar? No cream, no sugar but low-fat milk in my latte

    5. Favorite Specialty Coffee? Caramelatte, though I'd stick to a simple Latte

    6. Favorite Cafe? None

    7. Alone or with Company? Both

    1. Even though she has a cup of coffee with me each day, my wife is also more of a tea person Pearlie.


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