Favorite Sports Underdog Movies

Ann and I recently watched "We are Marshall", a movie based on a true story about the horrific loss and subsequent rebuilding of a college football team. I much enjoyed the story and the acting. The movie speaks deeply about the differing ways that people grieve. On a scale of ten I give eight stars. Here are a few of my favorite sports underdog movies:
  • Rocky :: Hands down the best boxing movie and perhaps the best underdog flick.
  • Hoosiers :: Another great underdog story about a small town basketball team.
  • The Natural :: Robert Redford hits it out of the park as an aging baseball player making a comeback.
  • Chariots of Fire :: Loved this story of Olympic runners and the inspiration of faith.
  • Rudy :: A football movie about heart, overcoming and the underdog.
  • Tin Cup :: Kevin Costner is great as a washed up golfer with a few great putts left in him.
  • The Karate Kid :: Loved how an older man influenced the life of a bullied boy.
So many more I can think of like 42, Miracle and others. What are you favorite sports underdog movies?


  1. Hoosiers (of course) and Chariots of Fire!

  2. How about The Mighty Ducks :) Of your list above, I have only watched The Karate Kid - both of them, the new and the old.

    1. I liked the Ducks Pearlie! Did you catch the Hillary Swank Karate Kid movie?


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