Vacation Packing Tips

Interesting checklist - things like chargers are so important to us. Here are a few items from 18 Things You Forget On Your Packing List For Vacation:

    •  Prescriptions – Bring enough for your entire stay plus a day or two.

    •  Sunglasses and Sunscreen - Never know when you might want to tan.

    •  Bandages - It's better to be safe than sorry.

    •  Snacks – Cheaper than having to buy at the airport.

    •  Reading materials - I use my tablet or phone for reading these days.

What items do you always have on your packing checklist?


  1. Are you guys going somewhere or us this general knowledge sharing?

    1. Not sure what we are doing vacation wise Don.

    2. We generally pack a change of clothes and necessities in our carry-on backpack (when we fly) That way if the luggage goes south and we go north we at least have something to wear and meds and a toothbrush.
      Chargers...most definitely....
      reading material and a few extra aids....moleskin and something to cut it with. (blisters can ruin the best vacation.) An attitude of adventure and enjoyment.

    3. Wise advice Sue. Wish I would have carried a few more things on last January.

  2. Thank you Bob, I actually pinned the link to Pinterest!
    Medications are always the first thing on my list and if I'm flying I always take double. One in my small carry on bag and then the other in my suitcase.

    1. Double packing of certain items is good advice Debby!


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