Why did the religious chicken cross the road?

He was unconditionally elected to cross that road.

The Devil made him do it.

God said it, I believe it, that settles it!

All things happen for a reason.

God brought him to it. He will bring him through it.

No one but God can know!

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  1. God would never give him more than he could handle and he could handle the road.

    The preacher on the other side invited he to come to the front.

    Jesus is a gentleman and would not force him to do anything so he must have chosen it himself.

    There was a potluck in church that Sunday and he wouldn't want to miss it.

    The Spirit moved him to do so.

    1. Bravo Mike! Love these and wish that I had though of them! ツ

    2. LOL, my wife wants to know if that potluck involved any fried chicken?

  2. Do not want to put God to the test by crossing a river

    To see the other side of the theological debate


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