Note to My Younger Self

Dear Young Bob,

You have a tendency to want to see things in very black and white terms. This tendency will lead you to places and people that are not good for your soul. Find a way to embrace a grayer view of things. Embrace the courage to be different. Seek God in all you do and recognize that He works in strange ways. Look for His presence in the smiles of strangers and the encouraging words of friends. Find ways to live out words like humility, love and mercy. Find ways to be kind to everyone you meet. Never forget to treat others the way that you want to be treated. Make it your goal to live a life that pleases the Lord.

Signed, Older Bob


  1. Dear Older Bob... I think you have done a good job with younger Bob, and isn't that what we all want. I think I've seen all the good qualities played out in the stories you've shared. Old or Young... I like Bob!!

  2. PS. This made me think of the movie "The Kid" with Bruce Willis. Love that movie about the little boy in the man!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Wanda. I do wonder if the younger me would even listen to the older me. Sometimes we "need" to learn the hard way. :(


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