Book Stores, Libraries and Starbucks

The news that Barnes and Noble book stores are in trouble and may be closing some stores started a conversation on Facebook. The issue discussed is whether people really need paper books. Here are my comments on the issue:
There is a communal aspect to libraries and book stores in the same way that there is for coffee shops like Starbucks. I think that a little bit of Americana is lost when these institutions are closed. I like e-books for the reasons that Brian mentions but wonder if they further isolate and insulate us from each other. Our Wednesday night group is reads books together and it is interesting that I am the only one (out of 15) that likes the e-book version better. Perhaps this love of paper books will ebb with future generations? Maybe the clinical world of Star Trek is closer than we think? ... I think that it is interesting how many folks who work from home choose to sip on a latte while using the Starbucks wifi to work. Perhaps folks are a lot more social than we all want to admit to? Maybe the future will not be all that anti-social?
Are you an e-book fan? Would you mourn the closure of a book store or library as much as closing of a Starbucks?


  1. I think it is sad that we are becoming a world that doesn't know our neighbors, and stays away from book stores, and many other get togethers. When I could walk and stand long enough, I loved bookstores and I do make it a point to meet my neighbors!

    1. I agree Michelle. I think that libraries will survive for now but not sure about places like Barnes and Noble.

  2. I love my library, and would hate it if it was closed. I don't do Starbucks and I don't often buy books, but if I do buy a book, it is usually from Amazon. I love to browse, though.

    A different subject, how do you put a comment on a blog on Freedly? I haven't figured it out, yet.

  3. I am not against e-books, but I regard the loss of real books as well as libraries and bookstores. There is something about holding a paper book in your hand and being able to page through it. Also I agree that we are becoming too isolated from one another and need to be around people.

  4. We live just a few blocks from the public library in downtown Kansas City. Ann loves to visit, peruse and check out books there. Now me? I guess I am more of a Starbucks kind of guy. ツ


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