Zero Dark Thirty | ★★★★★★★

Film director Kathryn Bigelow says this about the movie title: "it's a military term for 30 minutes after midnight, and it refers also to the darkness and secrecy that cloaked the entire decade-long mission." That is an accurate depiction of this story that centers on the hunt for al Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden by CIA operatives.

I liked this movie and thought that Jessica Chastain did a great job playing the character that was written for her. I was disappointed with the unimaginative and superficial way that her character was written though. Unlike the Showtime drama Homeland, at the end of the movie you really did not know much about any of the characters in it.

The movie felt more like a documentary than a drama as it paints a dark picture of the underbelly of what is done by covert agencies and agents to obtain the intelligence needed to combat terrorism and terrorists. For that reason I am reticent to see it as an Oscar winner. I liked the movie and, on a scale of ten, give it ★★★★★★★.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I haven't seen it yet but I hope to see it before the Oscars!


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