Ben Gazzara, 1930-2012

I was saddened to read that Mr Gazzara died yesterday of pancreatic cancer. One of my favorite movies was the courtroom flick “Anatomy of a Murder” that starred him and Jimmy Stewart. Also remember QB VII, a 70s miniseries that he starred in. Here is a revealing clip from a 1998 interview with Charlie Rose:

“When I became hot, so to speak, in the theater, I got a lot of offers.”
“I won’t tell you the pictures I turned down because you would say, ‘You are a fool.’ And I was a fool.”

I have a faint memory of “Run for Your Life,” a TV drama in the late 60s, but don't really remember much of his acting work. Seems like he played a lot of bad guys. Please join me in prayer for his family.

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