Dan and Katie

7/9 Update: According to this article Katie is unsure of her move to CBS. Sounds like being a highly paid news anchor is rough business.
6/16: What do you think about Dan Rather's comments about Katie Couric and the CBS Evening News. Dan said:
"The mistake was to try to bring the 'Today' ethos to the evening news," Rather said on MSNBC, "and to dumb it down, tart it up, in hopes of attracting a younger audience."
I like to watch the Today Show and I think that it would be a good idea to lighten-up the evening news. That said, I have to admit that I don't usually watch the evening news much and when I do I don't watch Katie. Call me Fickle Bob :)


  1. She's not objective.
    She's got an obvious agenda.
    She's not smarter than me (I like my newscasters to be smarter than me, at least on current events.)
    She's too cute (men could suffer from this, too, I'm not saying women can't be anchors.)
    She's just, well, not credible.

    Someday I'll tell you how I really feel.....

  2. I have often watched Katie Couric and I find her to be authentic and credible. I often start watching the other newscasts on the networks (not everyone is willing to pay for cable television), but usually after their opening blurb I find that they are certainly no better than Katie and often are not as good. So, I switch back to her newscast time and again. Who could possibly ever take George S. seriously? I only watched Katie originally because my Mom and Dad insisted on watching her, but now she has won me over.

  3. I've had a tough time respecting Katie since she had the nerve to blame the evangelicals (and she specifically named James Dobson) for the death of Matthew Shepard.

    The boys that killed Shepard could barely talk or function properly in the real world, much less express any kind of faith-agenda in the murder of a gay man. What she did was not only ridiculous, but really, really bad journalism.


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