Stranger Than Fiction | ★★★★★★★★

Last night we rented and watched this intriguing Will Ferrell movie. First off I have to say that it is great to see Ferrell in a thoughtful movie that isn't riddled with gags and potty mouth dialog. I thought that he gave a great performance.

Anyone who has seen the trailer probably knows that the movie is a story about a character in a book that is currently being written by a female author (played by Emma Thompson). That premise and the way that it is developed makes the movie what it is. The plot takes a few very creative turns making the movie a bit suspenseful and interesting. Ann and I both greatly enjoyed watching this one.

On a scale of 10 I give this movie ★★★★★★★★


  1. I really liked this one, too. I loved the feelings on feelings effect that it raised.

  2. This is one of my favorite movies and I love Will Farrell in it!

  3. Great flick indeed. And thankfully it could never really happen, because if it did I'd be in trouble with some of my characters.


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